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GPS Investigations

GPS investigations are most often used when you want to find out where your spouse, child, employee, or vehicle go when you are not around. We can quickly and secretly install a device in an automobile that will transmit continuous signals of the vehicle's location to our computers. Through that, we can tell you where the vehicle is, what route it took to get there, where it stopped along the way, and how fast it was going along each segment.

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is used to refer to a network of satellites that orbit above the Earth and permit a GPS device to determine exactly where it is at any moment in time. Once it determines its location, it can then (if so equipped) call a computer and report its position and the route it has taken to reach that position.

The primary benefit in investigations is that we no longer have to maintain expensive hourly surveillance when our subject is at work, at home, or otherwise engaged in some activity that is not important to the overall investigation. But when they leave for a clandestine meeting, a secret rendezvous, or some other activity of interest, we can track them to the location and be there to get the evidence on video and in photographs. Imagine the money that can be saved by not using surveillance operators for hours on end and by being able to pinpoint the appropriate time to collect the evidence, even if it takes several weeks.

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